Property Management

Property management is more than just collecting rent. At Alesia, we pride ourselves in selecting the best tenants, providing timely service and repairs, and building the best tenant/landlord relationship that our customers have ever seen.

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Community Building

At Alesia we don't just provide rentals, we build communities focused on clean, safe, quality, affordable housing.

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Repair services

Rental property management is our business and being in that business means we have to have the experience and knowledge to perform timely, cost effective repairs. Let our staff of experts help you with your home repair needs.

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Better. Affordable. Living.

That's not just a slogan for us at Alesia. We believe that there is huge problem in the residential rental industry today. There just aren't enough affordable home rentals available to people, and when they do become available, far too often they are dirty, unsafe, and not well maintained. We believe that everyone deserves a clean, well kept place at an affordable price. A place they can call home.


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